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Oral Hygiene

Released 2011 ISBN: 1617925349 ISBN13: 9781617925344
ebook, 221 pages

Currently not available.

oral hygiene

A one in a million, people will say afterwards, and they'll be right. But the problem is that there's a few billion of us down here pushing our noses into this and that, asking questions, wanting answers, wanting the name of a good dentist. So really, the chances of the truly bizarre, the exquisitely horrific happening, is an odds on favourite. It needs no yellow nailed, deeply invested, anxious punter screaming from the side lines, "Go on, my beauty, Go on my son," to encourage it along. No, far from it. It plays by the book. It plays the odds. It says there's seven billion of you down there, and some of you are in for a really rough time. It's only natural.

Review for the novel Oral Hygiene:

  “...what a creation - worldly, wistful, funny, grotesque, trashy. How to categorize this work, this product of the totally sui generis Finn? Picaresque noir, comically insightful, pushing the Ancient Mariner envelope? We are treated to plumbing detectives, the severely dentally challenged, and a colorful, if troubling selection of damaged, though often moving, human relationships. Finn's sales pitch is, “If you don't like it after twelve pages, it won't grow on you”. It worked on me.

Alex Shoumatoff, contributing editor, Vanity Fair Magazine