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10 to 1 Releases

On the 10 to 1 Records Bandcamp all releases are available for download.  Physical copies can be found for some releases. Almost all of Simon Finn's catalogue is avaiable as well as releases by Joolie Wood, Maya Elliott and The Doomed Bird of Providence.

For any enquiries please contact 10 to 1 records on:

Stay a Moment More by Simon Finn

Download only

2 track single release
Artwork by Michael Rubbo

LIMI​И​AL by Maja Elliott

Download only

lim·​i·​nal ˈli-mэ-nᵊI

1: of, relating to, or situated at a sensory threshold

2: of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition : IN-BETWEEN, TRANSITIONAL
… in the liminal state between life and death

A Flight Across Arnhem Land by The Doomed Bird of Providence

Cd and download

The Doomed Bird of Providence present their fourth album, A Flight Across Arnhem Land. It marks a significant departure from the band's last album, 2017's Burrowed into the Soft Sky. Where that album was two extended instrumental pieces exploring early Australian colonial times, the new release is a collection of 16 short pieces that all contain vocals.

Found text was used as the starting point for every song. The texts themselves were sourced from Australian newspapers from the 20s and 30s. Thematically the album sits around stories drawn from this period in Australia. Band leader Mark Kluzek looked for stories that were open-ended or unresolved. Common themes started to arise, missing airplanes, cold case murders and curious, out-of-the-ordinary incidents.

The album artwork was by Judi Dransfield Kuepper who has done, amongst other things, most of the artwork and design for Ed Kuepper and Laughing Clowns.

Ransoms for Cars by The Doomed Bird of Providence

Download and 7" lathe cut


Live at Cafe Oto 2021 by Simon Finn

Download only

Live album of lesser played songs by Simon at Cafe Oto. Featuring Joolie Wood, Ian Hothersall, Maja Elliott and Mark Kluzek.


Uisneach by Maja Elliott

Download only

A message from Maja:

Materialized from the mysterious treasure chests of the Universe, the harp players sit at the walls of Sintra. I approached them and struck up a conversation without saying a word. They responded with music. Mountains were anointed with the harp melodies and this godly beauty of the creation prompted me to add my notes to it. With the harps and Sintra still resonating in me, I ended up in Ireland, whose open gates were an entrance to the otherworld, Uisneach. A sacred fire, lit by the druid Mide, raged on Uisneach for seven years, but sparkles of Sintra and of Uisneach planted a fire in me that carried its spiritual power for twenty years.

This is a distance between the track Uisneach and the track Rain. They are close in their spiritual power but far apart if judging by the time of creation. My fire - carried by me as though I was an Olympian - from the hills of Sintra, flourished in Ireland and kept raising my creative temperature culminating in fever… and then this burning mountain, a burial ground was consumed by Rain that refreshed everything that got burned… Both, Uisneach and Rain, represent a creative balance that I achieve, when one element doesn’t negate but complement one another.Be Here Then was initially intended to be an album to coincide with a 50 year anniversary tour of Pass the Distance’s release, but it turned out this ageing frame had some cracks and needed a few new frets and a new bridge - once accomplished, the world then closed down for its own repairs.


Strict, Straight & Gorgeous by Simon Finn

Download only

A recording of Simon's live set from Theatre Principal Compostella, Santiago, May 2012.

Simon was joined by Maja Elliott and Joolie Wood for this show.

Be Here Then by Simon Finn

Download only

A message from Simon:

Be Here Then was initially intended to be an album to coincide with a 50 year anniversary tour of Pass the Distance’s release, but it turned out this ageing frame had some cracks and needed a few new frets and a new bridge - once accomplished, the world then closed down for its own repairs.

When the full album, LP or CD will happen is unclear, so I’ll release tracks here and there when recording is possible. Many many thanks to Mark Kluzek for knowing where and how this is done, and for doing it! My knowledge of what I think of as the woe betide you web, and what others refer to the internet is limited, and after the 10 to 1 accounts were hacked some years ago, I became rather more wary of its perks.

Track history: I doubt it started life 2 or so years ago with The Sea Bracken Choir at Leigh-on-Sea, and then it took awhile for me to decide to let into the public realm.

Kings and Crazies was recorded in March 2020 with Joolie before either of us, or apparently the government, knew any better.

Thanks as always to Joolie Wood for her pre Covid vocals & melodica.

Our Da Da (The Chord’s Prayer), mostly came to me in a Moody Bluesian, Dystopian, Duchampian dream. Steve Krakow was putting together an online version of his Million Tongues Festival in Chicago. I didn’t have the courage to record anything live on my sofa for it, so Our Da Da was by way of a blessing. I have since sent a live (ish) version of Kings & Crazies which I recorded at home live and then added an additional track.

Suffice to say I am still passing the distance, and likely, though probably more by luck than judgement, so will the world.

I'll dedicate it to the romantics, who feel the worse thing that can happen to you in life is death - and also to the rest of us.

The Doomed Bird of Providence - Rumbling Clouds of War Hover over Us

Cd and download

The Doomed Bird of Providence have released an EP on 10 to 1 Records. It is called Rumbling Clouds Hover over Us and was released 17th April 2020. Please take a look at the band's website at

"...this EP contains a whole world and endless beauty of perseverance, recounted wordlessly and poignantly, without a trace of overbearing pathos" (Wire Magazine)

Rumbling Clouds



The Ghost with Green Thumbs DVD

gwgtcoverweb gwgtbackweb

A  limited edition DVD featuring two films directed by Ian Hothersall. They are Ian's interpretation of two of my songs; The Ghost with Green Thumbs & Big White Car. Ian made the award winning si-fi short Once Upon a Time on Earth.

The DVD also includes live footage of Joolie, Maja & myself playing 2 songs from this years show at the Colchester Arts Centre; The Chauffeur & Jerusalam.

The artwork of both front cover and back have been designed & created by Tsyoshi Kawasoe, the artist responsible for some of Tokyo's best show posters. Thank you so much Tsuyoshi!.

The edition is limited to 250 copies.



Simon Finn – Through Stones

The new CD Through Stones is in stock and can be bought through PayPal using the email address: The cost is £8 + £1.50 shipping, to anywhere in the world.
For Europe CD's usually take about a week to arrive, from date of order. For Japan, USA & Canada about 7 to 10 days.
There are 14 new tracks and comes with a lyric booklet.

Please remember to put Through Stones, in the subject line.



1. Strict Straight and Gorgeous
2. Barren Leaves
3. Through Stones
4. Don't Play if Onlys
5. Pamela Russell
6. I Could Tell You Something
7. Live in a Barn
8. A Ghost With Green Thumbs
9. Maid Marian
10. Polar Veil
11. Naturally Broken
12. Silver Tongue
13. Swallow
14. A Bad Plan is Better Than None



The Distance Between Stones (Captain Trip)

Captain Trip are putting out a Box set of the 3 live shows in Tokyo this winter.
It will be released the 10 of September in  a limited edition of 500. It includes
2 CDs and 1 DVD. A full color 36 page booklet,  including many photos in a very beautiful box
The track listing is below. 
It is available from 10 to 1

Disc: 1
1. Eros エロース
2. Pass The Distance 遠い時空を過ぎて
3. Loitering's Allowed 立ち入り自由
4. Subjunctive Mood 仮定法
5. Hiawatha ハイアワサ
6. Big White Car デカくて白い車
7. The Chauffeur お抱え運転手
8. Rich Girl With No Trousers リッチなだけの女の子
9. Cinder's Prayer 燃えかすの祈り
10. Can't Write Away (きみのような女性は)お取り寄せ不可
Disc: 2
1. Walkie Talkie ウォーキートーキー(携帯電話)
2. Magic Moments 魔法のとき
3. En Passant 通過ルール
4. Crow Flies カラスが飛ぶ
5. Laughing 'Til Tomorrow 明日まで笑い続けるよ
6. What A Day 最悪の日
7. Neutered Air 精気のない空気
8. How About That それでどう?
9. Zoo 動物園
10. Jerusalem エルサレム
11. Accidental Life 偶然の人生
Disc: 3
1. Opening (Bonus DVD)
2. Eros (Bonus DVD)
3. Pass The Distance (Bonus DVD)
4. Hiawatha (Bonus DVD)
5. Big White Car (Bonus DVD)
6. Rich Girl With No Trousers (Bonus DVD)
7. Can't Write Away (Bonus DVD)
8. Magic Moments (Bonus DVD)
9. En Passant (Bonus DVD)
10. Neutered Air (Bonus DVD)
11. Zoo (Bonus DVD)
12. Jerusalem (Bonus DVD)
13. Accidental Life (Bonus DVD)

Joolie Wood's 45 Birds.

One audio disk and one DVD disk featuring 2 songs and 2 films, a numbered limited edition of 100 copies. Music by Joolie Wood, Simon Finn and Maja Elliott, films directed by Ian Hothersall.




The 7" vinyl that Comus, Rameses lll, and myself contributed for the show at the Forum celebrating Current 93's 25th anniversary.
They are £7 including postage and can be bought through PayPal using the usual email address:

Limited edition of 300 -  SOLD OUT


Maja Elliott – Dreams of Elyssia

Now available and for sale on 10 to 1 Records


In Maja's words it is "an emotional journey through genres, time and place. It spans a 5 year period, the title track Dreams of Elyssia having first been recorded on the Current 93 album, Live in Lisbon, with Antony (from Antony and the Johnson's). Some tracks were recorded in Venice, others in Sweden and Ireland." It as stunningly beautiful.

More news on Maja can be found at her site:




Simon Finn – Rats Laugh, Mice Sing

The new Simon Finn album now available




Simon Finn – Accidental Life

Released March 2007



The CD has 16 tracks and is 52 minutes in length and includes a 16 page booklet with lots of photos, lyrics and notes. It has been produced by Vic Keary and engineered by Vic, Horse, and Nick Terry. Playing and/or singing on it are Joolie Wood, David Toop, Karl Blake, Rose McDowall, Danielle Dax, Keith Godman, and the wonderful Nidge.

blood & bone
accidental life
deeply flawed
feeling the benefit
neutered air
love on the wing
johnny westward
rich girl with no trousers
silent city creep
subjunctive mood
a soldier's brag
the other side of rain
twinkle twinkle little star


Joolie Wood – Tales of Colour and White

This is a 4 track EP


Jewel Song
You Own the Universe
Where all Flowers Grow
Melt with the Snow